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Do You Moderate Comments?

The answer is YES. I moderate comments on my blogs. As I ever mention before on my post, I do this to prevent spam comments. That’s all and nothing's personal. I have been receiving so many spam comments ever since I made my blogs that write everything unrelated to my post. It’s so annoying. You will find this annoying also in a real life. Imagine when you talk about how tasty your home made lemonade is, then suddenly some one popping from somewhere and offer you to buy his home made kitchen set. That’s rude you know?
Even if you’re trying to use my comment box as a place to promote your item, at least you can do it nicely. You can show me that you already read about my post first and share about your opinion first right? For instance, you can write:
“I love lemonade too. You know, I have a special recipe to make tasty lemonade from my granny. Maybe sometimes I can come back here and share that recipe to you (lol). Anyway, if you’re looking for new kitchen set, then you might be interested to visit my blog and see what I have there.”
You see? Even if I saw your “promotion statement” there, but since you come and write it politely without forcing, I will still consider this a properly comment.
But the better way to promote your product is always by contacting the blog owners themselves. You can ask them to display your product on their blogs (if you find those blog suitable and interesting). You can talk about how you’re going to pay them for it. It doesn’t have to be money dear. It can also be a link exchange or a buzz post about each other blog right? Then the most fun of all is that you make a new friend! Yaayy..
Back again to the topic above, even if I moderate every comment in my blog, I always try to make it as convenient as possible. I have turned of the captcha setting for instance. I hate captcha. It’s so unpractical and annoying. So, you still can write your opinion, then in just one click you can send it to me. I check my blog daily, so don’t worry you will always get my attention :)

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  1. I also often promote my product in the comments box, please forgive me if disturbing ;D


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