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I Love 80's

Today we picked I Love the 80s theme for Friday Meme!. The song titles from which we took the lyrics and band are in caps. Here's Rock 'n Roll Fridays!

1. MADNESS: OUR HOUSE  “I remember way back then when everything was true and when we would have such a very good time, and such a fine time, a happy time"
What is a funny memory of a parent, sibling or guardian in your childhood home?
I remember when I took a picture of my parents together on a certain occasion. It’s not usual for them both to stand together and let me took their picture. My mom was always too shy to show her smile. She kept bowing her head and refused to look at the camera. While my dad stood just like a soldier ready to be shot. Standing without a smile on his face and look at the camera as its something that will steal his belongings right after I push the button (lol) I miss them.

2. MEN WITHOUT HATS: SAFETY DANCE “We can dance if we want to, we’ve got all your life and mine…as long as we abuse it, never gonna lose it, everything will work out right”
What activity did you do that would be considered dangerous or reckless?
Driving a motorcycle without a helmet is absolutely one of them. The road is a wild world, people. If you don’t equip yourself with proper protection then it’s only a matter of time for you to pay for your recklessness.

3. FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD: RELAX  “But shoot it in the right direction, making it your intention…live those dreams, scheme those schemes, got to hit me, hit me, hit me with those laser beams”
What was your dream job and what did you actually wind up doing?
My dream job when I was a kid was to be a stewardess who able to visit every places in this world. It sounds like a real fun job. But I must forget about it when I found out that I’m not tall enough to be a stewardess (lol) and that I must wear eyeglasses is a very young age (10 years old). Poor me! :D

Lake Toba, Indonesia
4. MODERN ENGLISH: I MELT WITH YOU  “I’ll stop the world and melt with you…you’ve seen the difference and it’s getting better all the time, there’s nothing you and I won’t do…I’ll stop the world and melt with you”
What is the most romantic getaway you have taken?
Lake Toba in my hometown. It’s such a paradise there. When we had a chance to go back there this year we will definitely visit this beautiful lake again.

5. THOMAS DOLBY: BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE  “I don’t believe it! She’s tidied up again and I can’t find anything! All my tubes and wires, and careful notes”
What valuable item have you lost?
Never lost any valuable item yet. I always keep them carefully in a proper place or use them wisely every time. I’m good at organizing :)

6. DEVO: WHIP IT  “Crack that whip, give the past the slip, step on a crack, break your momma’s back”
Were you spanked as a child? How were you punished?
Yes. My parents were still believed in spanking as a punishment to their children. It’s a common thing around those days. But now parents believe that spanking your kids its not good. Talk to your kids directly is a better option that spanking.

7. ANIMOTION: OBSESSION  “You are an obsession, You’re my obsession, who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me?”
What is the oddest thing you ever did to get someone to like you?
I never did anything odd just to get people like me whatsoever. I like people the way they are and I want them to like me the way I am. If somehow people see me different, that’s okay. You are free to go. I’m not going to change myself just to please you, dude.

8. TOMMY 2-TONE: 867-5309 JENNY JENNY  “Jenny Jenny who can I turn to? You give me something I can hold onto..I know you think I’m like the others before, who saw your name and number on the wall”
Who do you regret giving your phone number to?
A beauty advisor of a certain brand who asked for my number for their customers’ data base. Turns out that she keeps calling me everyday to offer me every new product they have there. The fact is that their previous product is not suitable for my skin and I stopped using it. I told her that I’m going to find another option but thanks for her kind attention. But she won’t stop and keep asking me to use another product from them no matter how hard I try to refuse. At last, I block her number completely and she never call me again ever since.

9. KAJAGOOGOO: TOO SHY  “Modern medicine falls short of your complaints, ooh, try a little harder, you’re moving in circles wont you dilate? Baby try”
What is your favorite medicine or drug?
Don’t have one. I always avoid any kind of medicine or drug as best as I could. I believe I can find some kind of fruits; vegetables or any natural cure to replace that chemical stuff. So I use drug or medicine just if I can’t find the substitute in natural cure.

10. GARY NUMAN: CARS  “Here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors, it’s the only way to live, in cars”
What was /is your favorite car?
I love hatchback cars like Honda Jazz. A small car but still equipped with the cargo area. I’m a small female remember? (lol)

11. THE GO-GOS: OUR LIPS ARE SEALED  “Can you hear them? They talk about us, telling lies, well that’s no surprise”
What is the worst lie or rumor anyone ever told about you?
I can’t remember. If that rumor really exists then it never reaches my ears at all. I know there are always certain people that will spread worst lie about you and the best way you can do is just ignore it whatsoever. I believe that people do bad things to other people for one reason: ENVY! So why bother responding it anyway?

12. DURAN DURAN: HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF  “In touch with the ground, I’m on the hunt I’m after you, smell like I sound, I’m lost in a crowd. And I’m hungry like the wolf”
What food do you crave so much you would brave a long line or travel a far distance to get it?
Right now? It would be Ateng’s fried wide noodle in my hometown, Medan. I crave this one so much. I never eat this delicious noodle anymore since we move to a different town here, Palembang. I miss it so much. Luckily, hubby is on his way there for a business trip and he promised to bring me this noodle when he gets back to Palembang. Yaayy….

13. JOAN JETT: I LOVE ROCK N ROLL  “I saw him dancing there by the record machine. I knew he must have been about 17. The beat was goin’ strong, playin’ my favorite song”
What was the last song you paid to hear on a jukebox?
Never heard songs from jukebox before (lol) it’s not common here I suppose.

And that’s my entry for Rock n’ Roll Fridays, my friends. How about yours?

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