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Perfect Present

Everybody loves presents especially on their birthday. What kind of present do you prefer to be given to your friends on their birthday? I always try to choose the general kind of stuff which can be used on any age or size. I avoid giving dresses or blouses to female friends especially when I don’t know exactly about her size. I also avoid giving shoes no matter how gorgeous they may look because I believe that if you want to buy a perfect pair of shoes, you need to bring the person herself with you and put those shoes on her feet before buying unless you already prepare for the possibility that those shoes may not fit into her feet or even too big for her. In the end, my present is going to stay in her closet for a long time. For female friends, there are lots of thing that can be used as a general present such as bags, necklaces, wallets or scarf. And for my male friends I usually give wallet, belts, or sunglasses. You can always choose gadgets as present for both genders. I’m sure an iPod will be well accepted by either female or male, right? (lol)
But there is another perfect option for you, just in case you've run out of idea. You can always use gift vouchers instead. I love this gift vouchers. They can choose whatever they like using that amount of money in the voucher. Some also choose to pay more money to get the even more expensive stuff. That’s all up to them. In this case, I’m free from a necessity to buy stuff that I always wonder whether they will like or not. And they’re free to choose what ever they wanted to buy. So, every body feels happy and satisfied.

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  1. The best gifts are the well thought out ones! We love giving DIY gifts too! Great post!


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