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You Smell.........Really Bad!! Yaaackk...

Have you ever meet someone who smells really bad? Arrggahh…I met this kind of people several times in public places. This usually happens when you're with other people in a small room like the lift in a mall or walking in the middle of the crowd such as queuing in a groceries store. This smell can make you hold your breath for a long time. Uggghh…
It’s hard to pretend that you’re not annoyed by this smell right? You will at least wrinkle your nose unconsciously. If that person is someone that you don’t know, then you can easily rush away and find fresh air with a little grumble in you heart. But what if they were your best friends or family members? How are you going to tell them about this odor issues without embarrassing them or make them feel offended?
I never find this odor problem among my family members so I don’t think I can provide you an answer based on my own experience. But I used to have a best friend in high school that also smells bad. I dare not tell her about her smell directly as I don’t know how to say it in a proper way. So I just bought her a deodorant tube that I also used daily then wrap it in a cute wrapping paper. I gave her that ‘present’ on the next day. She was so surprised about it because that day was not even her birthday. She wondered why I gave her a present for no reason. But I told her to open that present at home instead after the school's over. So just in case she felt terrible about my gift, she wouldn’t have to cry or furious in the class.
I met her in the next day. She said hi to me and smile like nothing’s ever happened before. She never talked about that present ever since and I choose to keep my mouth silent also. But after that she never smells bad anymore. She has changed. But the most important thing is that she didn’t hate me for my gift (lol). So what do you think?
Anyway this gives me something for my Post It Note Tuesday here

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  1. I absolutely Love this postit shit! Thanks for the laugh!


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