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Do My Own Grocery Shopping

Would you trust someone else to do the grocery shopping for you? I may trust some one to do this for me only if I provide the list about things I need before. But I wouldn’t trust anyone to shop for me without any particular list. I’m the one who know all stuff I need and what kind of product that I want. I mean, how do you feel when you’re run out of “low fat milk” and someone bought you “full cream milk” instead? Or when you run out of “chocolate cereals” that somebody gave you “corn flake cereals” instead? It’s hard to admonish someone for their wrong purchase especially when they helped you for free right? But you can’t also stop murmuring about it.
That’s why it’s better for me to do my own grocery shopping instead of letting somebody else do it for me. But if somehow I can’t manage to do it myself then I’ll take extra time to write down everything I need on a list complete with the particular products or brands that I usually use. And I avoid writing too many stuff on this list. Only the most important things. Then I will find another time for me to buy the rest of my groceries myself. How about you? Do you trust someone to do the grocery shopping for you?

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