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Collecting Shoes

The first section I visited every time I went to a department store or boutique is the shoe section. God those shoes are adorable! From a simple black pump shoes to a colorful peep toe shoes. I love everything except for the boots. I don’t like boots and never wear it before. I love cute design of shoes like high heels, strappy shoes or stiletto.That's why I made the tittle of this post as C for collecting shoes.
My first reason of choosing particular shoes is the color. My only black shoes were the last one I bought when I still work 4 years ago. There rests of them are in colors.
Yes! I love colored shoes such as red or silver. Of course if you wear this kind of shoes you must avoid using a colorful outfit at the same time. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree with all those colors and festive accessories (lol). Just pick one item that you want to be the vocal point and use a dark color or at least softer color for the rests of them. But if you asked me which one will I choose for my vocal point it would be my shoes (lol).

I almost forget to tell you that this is my entry for ABC Wednesday. Happy Wednesday people…


  1. Love the "collecting" of shoes, esp. those hot red one's; whooo-hooo! Great "collection". thank you ")

  2. Shoes are amazing!! Isn't it funny how we women almost count it part of being female to love, love, love and collect, collect, and collect more shoes?!

    C is for... "Love" left behind?

  3. As long as you have fewer pair than I. Marcos, you'll be OK!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Perfect. One can never have too many shoes. And every woman needs at least one pair of red heels.


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