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We Are The World

Talking about a long lasting kind of song which will never lose it's meaning I think this song will be one of them. I heard this song for the first time when I was a kid more then 15 years ago and I was so deeply touched. But it was the version where the late Michael Jackson sang it with groups of children in a place that looks like a dessert. I fell in love with this song in a minute after I heard it though I can't figure out about the title yet. All I know that this is a MJ' song. When I saw the video clip on TV the next couple of years, then I realized that it was the magnificent song which I've heard before. When I finally found out the title of this song, soon I bought the cassette and wrote the lyric in every first page of my book. So that I'd be able to sing it over and over again.
Well, believe it or not, I always cry when I hear this song (until now) LOL. I love every word on the lyric. And when I saw the enthusiasm of the singers, I just fall in love once again with this song. I believe that those fabulous singers have bring more souls to this song.
So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you "We Are The World" by Various Artist..


  1. We Are The World is a great project from MJ, Stevie Wonder and a lot more big stars. The song (who actually wrote that?) is great too

  2. I so remember loving this song...it's been ages. is this in the 90's or 80's yet?

    thanks for sharing ris.


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