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The Healthy Expectation

Do you agree when people said: “Do not expect anything; therefore you can never be disappointed.”? Honestly I can't tell you that I totally agree with one. Indeed, when you expected something and somehow you can’t get it fulfilled you will be very disappointed. But expecting something is the time when you can feel hope and at the same time, the courage to make it happen right? So, if you refuse to expect anything then maybe you will never have hope again ever because all you have is only resignation. And when that happens, I think life will be very flat and boring. People with these symptoms usually have health problems especially frustration and other mental illness.
So, I say: expectation is good for your health and life as long as you have a healthy expectation. It will make life more colorful and full of hope about a better life in the future. But if somehow your expectation can’t be fulfilled don’t get stressed, dear. Life can be hard sometimes. That’s life! Just do not lose your hope.

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  1. I got a healthy life tips here. Thanks!


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