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A Suitable Kind of Make Up Foundation For Me

What kind of make up foundation do you use everyday, girls? I’m still looking for the right one for me. My skin type is combination to oily especially on the forehead area, around the nose and my chin. I know I can find two different types of foundation. First is the liquid foundation and the second one is the compact one. I like the liquid foundation since it can be applied smoothly and gives almost natural look. What I don’t like about this type is I must control every layer I made in my face carefully; otherwise I might end up with a face like a clown. Also I need to wash my hand after applying the foundation onto my face. That’s why this kind of foundation is only suitable to use at home. You don’t want to carry the foundation bottle everywhere just for a little touch up, do you?
About the second one, compact foundation then. Well, I’ve been using this one also for about six months now. I like it because it’s handy enough to carry inside my purse and I can use it everywhere for a little touch up. What I hate from compact foundation is the fact that it makes my combination skin looks oilier after a few hours use. I read that compact foundation contains more oil than the liquid one. That’s why it’s suitable for dry or combination to dry skin type.
I really love the handy to carry compact foundation but I hate the fact that it makes my skin looks oily a few hours later. On the other side, I will definitely not carry the liquid foundation bottle inside my purse just for some touch ups, though I know that foundation type is the suitable one for me.
My compact foundation is almost gone now and I don’t think that I will purchase another one for now. I will use the liquid foundation instead until I find another better option. I also heard about the mineral foundation in powder type but from what I read, this powder foundation is not long lasting and need to be touched up regularly to maintain the perfect look on your skin. I want foundation that can last longer like the liquid and the compact did, so mineral foundation is not on my list for now.

Anyway, I want to say thank you to Fanda And Fitness who kindly gave me this award two days ago.
I’m sorry because it took me so long to display your award here, dear. And for anyone of you, who loves this award too, feel free to grab it anytime you want. Have a nice day my female friends..

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  1. Thanks for posting my award. About make up foundation, I never use any foundation because of my skin allergy.

    By the way, I am having a simple giveaway at my blog. Please feel free to join if you want to.

  2. I don't use foundation anymore. It makes my face looks oily :(


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