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I am really sure that every woman in the world wants to present her best appearance at all the time. That’s why we spend money to buy beauty products especially for daily use. In my drawer, I always have a bottle of skin moisturizer and body butter, day and night cream for my face, lip balm and lip butter for my lips. And in my bathroom, beside the soap and facial wash, I also have shampoo and conditioner as well as the hair serum. What? Don’t you give that look to me LoL. Yes, I have so many things inside my drawer and my bathroom not to mention my grooming stuff. Hahaha…
Anyway, in my previous post I already mention that I’m having a hair loss problem right now. And for now, I put away any kind of shampoo and conditioner I have and replace it with the anti hair loss ones. Indeed, it’s a bit expensive compared to my last shampoo but it’s alright as long as it can stop my hair loss issue. Do you know that you can also buy shampoo and conditioner from online shops? And you can save your shopping time to do something else instead. I know a suitable site where you can search for almost any kind of shampoo and conditioner you need. Luxury Parlor is the answer. You can find hair treatment product such as Bumble and Bumble, Moroccan Oil as well as OPI products. They also provide natural and organic products for you who need ones.
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