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I noticed that almost every exclusive brand boutique chooses a different way to run their store. Instead of letting everyone come in and look at their items directly, they choose to keep their store as private as they can. In some particular stores, no one can even enter without showing member card to the store keeper first. Due to this regulation, they will shut and lock the store’s door and open it only for those with the member card. But some said that the door may also be open for those who don’t have member cards as long as they have appropriate appearance for it. The store keepers will appraise you first subjectively from your outward appearance before decide whether to let you in or not. You see that exclusive boutiques usually sell expensive things inside such as a $20000 hand bag or $8000 scarf and stuff like. The conclusion is that there’s no way you are going to use a $50 dress when you want to buy those fancy stuff in a fancy boutique right? You must look as wealthy as you can before they allow you to come inside and look around. That way they can be convinced that you are going to buy at least one item and not just looking around for nothing. That means you can touch this and touch that as long as you buy something in the end. That’s the big deal.
Whew! Services really come with prices huh? Maybe this is a kind of marketing plan that tends to make the wealthy shoppers feel special and gain prestige at the same time. In the other hand, this will also intimidate those medium shoppers who wish to enter for window shopping only. No walking around, no touch this or that, no try this or that, forget everything if you’re not going to buy anything! For that intention, we can still visit department stores or other retailers instead (lol)

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  1. Reading this post remind me of the scene in Pretty Woman movie, while Julia Roberts entered an exclusive boutique and being kicked out by the keeper's look, but then come back again just to show off her new appearance in expensive style...


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