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Irritated by A Cheap Advertiser!

I woke up early this morning when I read few emails sent to my Blackberry phone. Some of them were regular so that I can take care of them later. But one of them was really irritating me. As you may already know, I also write sponsored articles in my blogs including this Female Stuff blog. Then one of the brokers sent me email telling me to fix one of the articles I made about two days ago. The reason is: the advertiser can’t find the link inside the post, and they asked me to bold the link instead. Otherwise, they are going to SUSPEND my account! I just can’t believe it!!
That advertiser asked me to display three links and I did it all correctly. I already check and re-check my post before submitting my post to the broker. But this email somehow made me feel like I’m a cheater. And I’m telling you I AM NOT A CHEATER! You pay me to display your links here and I’m not greedy enough to take your money only then forget about my duty. The links are all there, for God sake! As usual, I always try to make the link look as natural as it can be. And I haven’t received any complaint before about my writing style including from advertiser who paid me higher than this one. They want their links to look natural, that’s all they asked.
But when this one asked me to change my style, I said: Okay. I then make all the links in bold, bigger fonts and in red color altogether. I hope, this time, they will be able to find the links easily!
Anyway, can’t the broker themselves do something about this? They just simply visit my blog to find out the truth, whether I put that advertiser’s link or not. They know I’m not a cheater and they can see it from my track back. If somehow they don’t satisfy with how the links appear, they can simply ask me to bold all the links through email without having to threat me like that.
And the silliest fact of all is that my account is about to be suspended for an advertiser who paid me only for $2.5!! Yes, i really regret the decision to receive this job few days ago. They made a bargain in the last minute and I don’t bother at all. Because the reason why I’m doing this sponsored post is not for money only. But also because I love to write and I want new ideas for blog each day. If then I got paid as a compliment, why not?
But I can’t accept my account being suspended for this $2.5 article. From now on, I think I’m going to put all those cheap advertisers behind, every time they offer me a bargain. They don’t pay me enough to face this irritating situation. I’d rather write more meme here and write about any other silly things instead. And if somehow the broker I’m talking about here suspend my account because of this article. All I can say then: LET IT BE!


  1. I really understand if you're irritated, Risma. I guess I'll be angry as well if the same thing happens to me :(

  2. Gosh...I am glad i do not take up any jobs to write sponsored articles..till now. Do not wish to be woken up the way you were. LOL

    Risma, thank you for your Hari Raya well wishes. Maaf Lahir Batin ya! :-)

  3. Sometimes, it is not really the broker's fault. Some advertisers would ask revisions or complains just to let the link stay in the blog for a while then they will eventually reject your post. Probably, you can revised or review once or twice, if it is still not acceptable, just reject the task and remove the links. The adviser is buying time for free links.

  4. @Lina: this is the very first time for me, sis. It ruined my mood that day
    @Dyah: well, that's life, sis LoL. Everything is good so far, until I found this one.
    @Mylene: Agree with you. I realized that there are numerous cheater-advertiser out there. But can't the broker itself stand on behalf of the blogger first? I understand that advertisers are income source for them, but without bloggers that income will arrived. They can at least explain to the advertiser first then asked the blogger to simply do some correction. Without having to threaten to suspend the blogger's account right?


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