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Look Fabulous With Stockings

Many women maybe still confuse about the difference about stockings and thighs just like me. I try to find out more about this from other websites and they provide me different kind of answers. Some of them said that stocking is elastic garment which covers foot and lower part of the leg but not intended to conceal the leg completely. Then some other said that stocking is a leg covering garment which held up with the use of suspenders or garters. About the thighs, some say that thigh is close fitting garment that can be used from your feet to waist just like pant while stocking is about the length of knee high only.
So, before starting to write my opinion, I’m going to use the general meaning of stocking itself here. In my opinion, stocking is a kind of sheer leg covering which can be whether about the length of knee high or fully cover your leg up to your waist. That’s all.
Almost every stocking is made from a tight knit sheer but thin garment and can be easily damage. This kind of stocking will look almost naturally blended with your skin especially when you use the nude color and usually used for daily purposed or formal occasion.
There are also fishnet stockings which made from a wide knit garment just like a net. The variation is on type of the net it self such as diamond, rectangle or circle. These attractive stockings are usually used for fashion show purpose on runway. But some may also use it to attend party or night club.
The other one is fun and festive kind of stockings. This usually used only for fashion event because they look more festive than the other. You may find this stocking decorated with many colorful ribbons or other festive patterns such as stripped or polka dots, absolutely not a kind that you’ll choose for work or attending cocktail party.
Since stockings are “vulnerable” you need to give extra care to maintain their good condition. Use warm water and mild soap to soak your stockings then leave it for about 30 minutes. Then rinse with water until completely clean. After that spread the wet stocking on a towel and press together then hang it until fully dry.
You need to replace your stocking after using it five times since your stocking may already loss their elasticity and not comfortable enough to use again.


  1. I'm not a fan of stockings. Perhaps it's because I don't like to show my big calf. I prefer to cover it with long pants/skirt...

  2. When shopping for stockings, I usually buy 6 pairs at a time, because you're right...after 5-6 times of usage, it'll loose its elasticity.


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