"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”

I'm Not Actually Rich, But I Can Act Like One

Many people choose to live their life in denial nowadays by pretending that nothing is wrong with their life at all. I’m saying this as living in denial because they actually realize that the truth is there is something wrong with them and their life but they refuse to admit it. On the contrary, people around them actually believe that they are not as good as they look.
For example, I know a woman who is actually a stay at home mother like me. She doesn’t have another job besides taking care of her children and house work. Her husband work as a staff in an insurance company whose income is totally depends on how many client he got each month. But somehow, this lady enjoys life like an heiress in her house. She spends lots and lots on money to buy fashion things such as designer’s dress, bags or shoes. She even refuses to cook their daily meal herself and choose to eat at restaurant instead. When her kids are in school, she spends her time in an expensive beauty parlor for the whole body treatment.
From the way she looks, no one would ever believe that she’s actually in a real bad debt. When suddenly her husband got fired from her job due to crisis in his company, all these secrets finally revealed. The wife has been using more than five credit cards to fulfill her ambition of having a high end life style. All those fancy apparels she kept on her wardrobe have not yet paid off. Her husband feels so devastated.
He has no idea that her wife’s partiality for expensive things by using the low salary he earns every month has bring his entire family to the lowest part of their life ever. They can’t find any clue to pay their enormous amount of debt yet and almost end up in divorce.
After all her clicks find out about this, they left her right away. When I asked them why they can be so cruel by leaving their friend while she’s really in trouble like that, they simply answer that they hate a liar and a loudmouth. They can’t have a friend who pretends as if she is rich while actually she is not. Well, that’s life, I suppose. There are always kinds of people who ask you to be their friends because you look rich and extravagant. By the time you lost your glamour, you will lose them too.
But this stay at home mother is going to pay for every excitement she had many years before now. I think that’s the only thing you will ever get when you live in denial, right?


  1. It's too late for her to feel sorry now :(

    That's why we prefer simple and modest life...

  2. I could not agree more with Lina....:) great topic though!

  3. Indeed, those designers' pieces and jewelry really look fabulous. But it's not a guarantee for a happy and better life anyway. But many will sacrifice their happiness just to be able to buy fancy stuff and look glamour, I believe. What a life..

    Thanks for your comments anyway. Really appreciate it :)

  4. dang! Such a sad story Ris... You can never buy true happiness and it's at times like that when you know who your real friends are...


  5. its not easy to find real friends...

    and if you pretend to be someone else, you will find friends to like that dummy you created and not the real you.

    hope to see you again soon...
    life round meNyou


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