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Let The Colors Talk

Somehow, the color you pick for your outfits can bring different effect to your mood the entire day. Many believe that certain color can boost up your spirit while the other one help you calm down and bring more self esteem. Below are some descriptions I found about how color helps you on certain occasion.
The color Red has been considered as a color which exudes certain kind of energy to make you look amazing and admirable. This color also makes you gain self esteem which is attractive to people around you. You will stand among the crowd and people will at least pay attention on you one time. If you plan to be the limelight, use this color.
The color Pink always looks feminine. Women who wear this color will look sweet and seductive. This color is also believed as a color which makes you feel calm and reduce the anger inside. But be careful with this color though, because if you pick the wrong style of fashion, you will look like a sweet teenager instead of a beautiful mature woman.
The color White is described as a color which brings positive energy around you and your environment. People tend to get close to you easily. You look honest and trustable, that’s why. Remember the feeling when you’re having conversation with doctor. Somehow it makes you feel calm right?
The color Green makes you look more mature and wise. You will feel more confidence and communicate with other people more easily.
The Black color makes you look proud and elegant. That’s why people choose to wear this color when attending cocktail or wedding party or any other formal occasion. You can’t wear accessories to make this color more alive and any color you pick will just fit.
Well, in the end it’s all up to you whether to believe it or not. But in my opinion, indeed there is a connection between color and moods. What do you think?

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  1. I like red very much, and I think that color looks the best on my skin


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