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What I Like About Halloween

What is so exciting about October? You tell me, fellas. Yes! October is always about Halloween. Yay! I love Halloween even if we don’t celebrate it that much here in Indonesia. I mean, we don’t use costumes or do trick or treat stuff. Well, maybe there are a few Halloween events on certain clubs but that’s all. Kids in Indonesia are not familiar with this tradition because it’s simply not made from our culture I think. But how can I then fall in love with Halloween?
One thing for sure, I’m not a fan of Halloween stuff. Halloween pumpkin makes me thing of an ugly goblin. I hate to see people dressed in vampire costumes. Though I believe that there is certain kind of unexplainable energy around us which people called as ghosts, but it’s not a comfortable topic to talk about either. And as I mention in my other blog, I hate to look at pictures about ghost too LoL. Then what’s the fun part of Halloween for me?
The answer is: The horror movie, people!!
Almost every movie channel has horror theme this month and I really enjoy it. I actually prefer the new movies but I also like the old ones. The characters inside the movies that matters to me such as goblins, haunts ghosts, and things like that. But I don’t quite like massacre theme movie. It’s sadistic, yes. It’s brutal, yes. But it’s human. I want to see some kind of spirits, ghosts or gliding shadows not just psychos who running around with a big knife. That’s the spirit of Halloween for me LoL.
What about you? What kind of Halloween do you have there?

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  1. I love dressing up my kids on halloween Ris! I really enjoy making them look like fairies or disney characters... But they're not allowed to wear witch or vampire or devil costumes... I don't like looking at them like that.. I like them in pretty costumes and something that's not scary...



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