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My Top Three Movies All The Time

I am a movie maniac. I even have a personal blog contain every movie that I've ever saw before. It doesn't have to be a latest movie though. I love old movies too such as Ben Hur or To Kill A Mocking Bird below. But actually, my most favorite theme of all is HORROR. Yeah, I will pick unknown horror movie DVD instead of famous drama movie DVD. That's why almost 80% of my movie blog contents are horror (lol)

Anyway, these are my top three movies that I can watch all the time over and over again. What do you think? Are you a fan of these movies too?
So, what are your top three movies?


  1. Thanks for playing along!!! Hope you have a THURSDAY!!!!!

  2. Hi Risma, first off thanks for leaving a comment at my Diva Wife blog of mine I do appreciate it much. ^_^
    I am also a movie enthusiast but not to the extent that I have to camp outside the movie house just to get the premier night of a certain movie. I can wait for a year or two and still got the high of it hehe.
    I saw the Orphan movie and I like it. I like how they do the twist and turn in the movie. The mockingbird and evita I don't know if I have watch it.
    I like horror movies too, suspense thriller and sometimes love story, but not much on the war movies get's me emotional. ^_^

  3. As sis To Kill A mocking bird is a classic ... I so love it...

  4. there's so much to choose from actually...and in different categories;) will think it over first haha.

    those above i've heard, but have not seen yet. i'll try to...hopefully one of these days.

  5. Ooops...I haven't yet seen those three movies :)


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