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Unexpected Event

I bet Facebook gave you many unexpected events all this time, ladies. Well, not to mention the presence of those great games inside (LOL). Sorry, I’m a huge fan of Facebook games, so please ignore that unrelated second sentence. Facebook is still interesting even without the games inside.

But I want to talk about certain things that might able to happen only because Facebook got something to do with it. I’ve read many stories about how numbers of people who finally able to find their missing family members through Facebook. All they need to do is just typing certain names or surnames and Facebook will provide several choices that might be related to their search. This enables the searcher to investigate each option that appears to gather more information.

Facebook can also reunite old friends (including your elementary class from decades ago), and help you meet some new friends as well. I got SOOO many new friends from Facebook especially from different countries and I think it’s awesome!!

By the way, I also unexpectedly meet my old puppy love boy friend (wink). He used to be a little boy who spent a little time with me back in my teenage time. Now, Facebook reunite us back along with our new existences. I’m now a mom with a beautiful daughter and a great husband while he’s (unfortunately) still single (LOL). But we’re still keeping our friendship until now. However I decide to keep this as a little secret from my husband. He doesn’t need to know that a guy from my Facebook is my ex and I don’t want to find out which girl in his friend lists was his ex also (LOL)

Anyway, how about you? What is your Facebook’s unexpected events then?


  1. My friends are addicted on facebook too, While I have account also in there, I don't use to open it. :-)

  2. Facebook is useful for connecting with friends, relatives, ex-boyfriend and new friends. Some of my ex boyfriend has become my friend in facebook, my husband knew but did not mind ;-)


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