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A: “Ssst…did you know that Sarah’s husband ask for divorce last night?”
B: “Really?! I knew they had a fight last night. I heard Sarah yelling so loudly. By the way, how did you find out about this?”
A: “I’m not sure. I think somebody from the groceries talked about this to her friend this morning and I heard it by accident. I just can’t remember who…”

I really hate scandalmongering!! Do you ever heard of this vocabulary anyway? Scandalmongering means spreading malicious gossip about other people. There are always few particular persons that hardly willing to peek inside your house and find something to gossip around when you’re not there. This is a kind of people who usually has nothing to do in their spare time, that’s why they always have time to meet and talk about other people behind their back.
Some people may consider scandalmongering issues as a fun topic as long as the issue is not talking about them. They can easily add some other “hot stuffs” to make this gossip even more interesting although those “hot stuffs” are definitely a hoax. The hotter the issue the more people will get interested (usually).

I just hope that I would never be apart of this “stupid show” ever. I hate gossiping other people just like I hate being gossiped behind my back. People who always involved in gossip stuff like this are usually mean people. They don’t really care if you ever find out about them gossiping you one day since they can easily deny it. They don’t care about how you’re going to feel about that. And I’m absolutely not a mean person (like them). I don’t want to see people hurt because of something I did.

In conclusion, you better stay out of people like this at all. You don’t want your household information becomes one of their topics in their gossip hang out time one day. And how am I going to recognize people like this then? It’s easy. They usually start the conversation by talking about other people affairs and ask for your opinion. Just like the conversation above. If you meet one of them just slam the door in front of their nose (if they’re visiting you in your house), stop buying groceries from their stores (if they own one) or stop greeting them (when you passed them on the street) at all.
Pictures taken from: http://assets.nydailynews.com

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