"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”

I Am A Basil

I want to do some fun this Saturday afternoon. This time I don’t want to write a daily post like I always do nor post a meme (also like I always do. Hahaha). Right now I want to join a quiz hosted by Blogthings. I found this site accidentally and surprise….I think this site is awesome!.
This quiz’s title is: WHAT SPICE ARE YOU?

I only need to choose one option each number and the result will be concluded when I push the submit button. I colored my answers with red if you want to know.
And here we go…………
1. What kind of food do you like best?
* Mexican food
* Thai food
* All kinds, as long as it's exotic and different
* Italian food
* Japanese food
* Comfort food
* Fast food
* Indian food

2. How well traveled are you?
* You've mostly traveled in Europe
* You are truly a world traveler
* You've been all over your country, but you've never left it
* You've bounce around a bit, but you always feel like you have more to see
* You've never left your state / provence
* You've mostly traveled in Latin America
* You've traveled in Asia mostly
* You've never left your country, and you haven't been many places

3. What most defines your personality?
* You are valuable
* You are fun
* You are controversial
* You are very loving
* You are powerful
* You are energetic
* You are bold
* You are flexible

4. Would you consider yourself hot?
* Some people consider you hot
* You're attractive, but not exactly hot
* You are incredibly hot
* Hot... not exactly. But you definitely leave an impression.
* You aren't the hottest, but you make up for it with your personality.
* You're hot enough to please some people.
* You can be hot or you can blend it. Depends on the day.
* You are hot when you put in the effort

5. Are you sweet?
* Only when you get to know someone well
* Not really, but people seem to want to be sweet to you
* Yes, you are occasionally sweet - and it surprises people
* You can be sweet... as long as you can still be sassy
* You can be very sweet
* You are probably average when it comes to sweetness
* You're a little too honest and real to be considered sweet
* You're quite sweet

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::And here is the result:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
You Are Basil
"You are quite popular and loved by most people.
You have a mild temperament, but your style is definitely distinctive.
You are sweet, attractive, and you often smell good."

Honestly, I’ve never thought before that some quiz will “juxtapose” me with Basil whatsoever (lol). Do you want to know what kind of spice are you? Then click here.
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday people
Pictures taken from: http://blogthings.com

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