"You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her”

I Love How I Look

Why we should appreciate of what we are and thank God for whatever we have right now? In my opinion, we actually own something that really special for each of us. That's why I also want to say thank you for what I’ve got right now. This time, I want to thank God for how I look.

I thank God for my black eyes.
Though I really want to have a pair of bright blue eyes and try to use soft lenses to get that appearance. Then I realize that the color may not suitable for my Asian small eyes. Somehow it makes me look like a ghost or something. (LOL)

I thank God for my yellow skin.
Though I really want to have a bright white pale skin this whole time and try to avoid direct sun shine for that. Then I realize that white pale skin may just make me look sick and unhealthy. I still can have a bright yellow skin and looks beautiful in my own way.

I thank God for my short stature.
Though I really want to be one of those marvelous tall stature models on the runway in my whole life (did I hear your laugh?? *grin*). Then I realize, I’m a real Asian female and I actually still have an average height here, people. At least, I can still use those magnificent high heels to help me feel better (LOL)

I thank God for my thin sleek hair.
Though I always think that curly or wavy hair as the most exotic type of hair, then I realize that my thin hair is so easy to take care of and I don’t need to use a special equipment to make my hair looks sleek, just like any other women did. I already have it naturally and it fits my face shape also.


The only think that I can’t resist is to high light my thin sleek black hair regularly (LOL)
I completely understand that as an Asian woman I would never have a red or dark blond color hair naturally no matter how much I love that color. But, I can’t tell myself to accept that reality yet and how black is the perfect color for me, ladies. So, I still high light my hair at least once in a year and definitely will still do it in the next couples of years. So forgive me God for that…

Well, I'm only human after all (wink)
Have a nice Monday, everyone….


  1. We should be thankful to God that he created us without any disabilities(defect).IN my opinion, each of us has her own beauty.However, inner beauty is most important to me.Have a great week ahead.

  2. yeah dear... because L'oreal told you would be beautiful and you're worth it.. hahahaha... coming up with apost on this ... thanks for seeing me .... vernz

  3. Very nice post, Risma.
    I agree with others; every woman has her own beauty :)

  4. we should be grateful on what we have..every woman got her own beauty and each of the features is created in the most suitable and beautiful way for us. so thanks God!


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