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Finding A New Hair Stylist

One thing that I also confused about is how I am going to get a suitable hair stylist in here, my new town. I used to have a good one back in Medan. He is my most favorite hair stylist ever. I actually met some other hairstylists before him but this man, Rudy, is the best of all.
He understands completely what I need just by using simple few words and instructions. Not only with the cutting style; as he has a perfect mixture of colors every time I want to highlight my hair also. I told him that I need a special mixture colors since I want to look different. I don’t want to meet another female with the same hair color in the next day. He usually laughs and starts discussing about what kind of color that I may like.

When he starts to cut my hair, he usually gives me some advices about the perfect cut for my face shape. He doesn’t hesitate to argue me when he disagrees with my choice. He will explain the consequences first and ensure that I will never going to regret my decision. When this happened, I usually give in and accept his advice. Woaallaahh…I should never question his advice, you know. I always like it.

But now, I must do everything from the beginning once again. I must open my eyes and my ears widely in order to get my “new Rudy” in this town. One thing for sure, I don’t like to do some trial and error stuff here, ladies because it’s my hair that we’re talking about. I need to find a right hair stylist as soon as possible. I managed to have my last hair cut with Rudy last month, just a few days before our departure. So at least in the next two months, I’m going to need to go to a hair salon back and cut my hair.

Uuhh…I hope I will find a perfect one for me here really soon….
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  1. Agree to that, you really we really be very careful in finding the right hair stylist if you don't wanna end up crying out loud and cursing your hair stylist to death. I have countless bad experiences with different hair stylist, grrrr...

  2. I have the same problem here :(

  3. Hufth.... I need to find a right hair stylist too, wanna look different other my friends at campus, be trend-setter

  4. Anybody in Palembang can help her? Just leave ur message here ;-))


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