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Dear Movie Director

I think its fun to spend times with some old girlfriends just for a couple of hours in the weekend. Every mom must leave her kids at home or with hubby during this time and hangout herself with her friends only. This also brings relief to your soul after busy struggling with your daily routine (especially a home maker like me). Some female friends my choose to shop things together on a boutique just like they did when they’re still young and single. Some choose to spend time in a coffee shop and talk about some sweet memories. While some other may choose to watch movie together in the theater. What’s the newest movie right now? You can choose between Inception, Furry Vengeance or Salt.

Anyway, this is my letter that I’ll never send to a Movie Director.
Dear Movie Director,
Please stop producing a Sci-Fi movie if you can’t provide the best visual image to your viewers. I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi movie such as Independence Day or Armageddon. But I hate a cheap quality Sci-Fi movie like The Day the Earth Stood Still. Please give us the best scene you have and throw the bad ones to the garbage can.

If you plan to make a horror movie instead, it would be nice if you describe a scary ghost visually than showing a massacre with parts of human body spread all over the places. It looks disgusting instead of terrifying. Especially the zombie things! There’s no real plot for this kind of movie. Just screams, bloods and bites everywhere *sigh*

I would love to see your newest movie. I’m a big fan you know? Please kindly reply to this letter to inform me about your newest masterpiece.

From your biggest fan

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