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Say Healthy

I have a few things that I planned to do a long time a go but somehow I can’t manage to get it done. Go to a gym regularly is one of them. I really need to work on my biceps and thighs to get them tight as they used to be (lol)

Yeah, I admit it.. I can't manage to get healthy foods everyday. To be honest, I think healthy foods are not tasty at all. Maybe that’s why I can’t commit a healthy diet everyday until now. That’s something I need to get fixed too. A.S.A.P

Oh no.. so little time so much to do.. I will start to see a few well known gyms around the neighborhood soon and register myself for at least a month. Maybe if I enjoy the gym soon I will enjoy the healthy diet also. I said, maybe! (lol)


  1. being healthy is harder than being unhealhty

  2. I'm too lazy to work out in a gym regularly...
    wish you good health, Risma :)


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