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Beautiful Brocade

B for Brocade. What is brocade? Brocade is a rich woven fabric with interwoven design of raised figure or flower spreading all over it. Usually the raised figure or flower will look contrast compare to the fabric surfaces. These embosses pattern is the “heart” of brocade itself.

History told that there’s only certain kind of people who may wear this kind of fabrics a long time ago. Only the wealthiest or powerful people (due to its expensiveness and exclusiveness) who afford to buy brocade. I used to see many patterns of brocade on flowered couches inside the old time French manor pictures. Or from an old French style movie on tv. The casts use brocade gowns almost in every scene. I found this fabric so beautiful and elegant. I really want to have a dress made from brocade one day.

Nowadays, brocade can be easily found everywhere. You can find a beautiful dress or pouch or even shoes made from brocade. Never get bored of this one.
I dedicate this post for ABC Wednesday
Pictures taken from: www.sugarscape.com


  1. This dress is very elegant and classy. Happy Wednesday!

    ABC Wednesdsay~B

  2. Mum had brocade curtains...infact she had curtains of every fabric, she could have dressed an entire hotel!

    ABC Team

  3. It is lovely

    Thank you for participating in ABC Wednesday; please come back regularly. - ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Delightful! Brocade surely carries its own beauty!

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