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ANTM Skinny Waist Campaign

I regularly watch “The Next Top Model” stuff recently LoL from the American Next Top Model (ANTM), Canadian Next Top Model and Britain Next Top Model. What? Oh no, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a model myself. I just enjoy watching the drama between the ten young-beautiful model wannabe-girls who live in the same house for ten weeks. They said models can be so cruel, well at least the drama they have showed me a bit of this cruelness I think. Lol
Anyway, recently I read about the “Skinny Waist Campaign” scandal on American Next Top Model (ANTM) reality show which hosted by supermodel Tyra Bank. On the show, Tyra apprise a 19y teenager who has a very skinny waist that a pair of adult hands can easily fitted all around it. Can you imagine that?
I can’t even hold my 3y daughter’s waist with my both arms anymore right now, so how can a 19y old teenager can? This is really sick. There are some pros and contras opinions. Some said that ANTM should do something about Tyra’s statement concerning the girl’s too skinny waist. Thousand of young girls out there are big fans of this reality show. This bad campaign somehow can affect their point of view about what kind of waist that a supermodel (like Tyra) would love to see. Anorexia is the worst thing that could be happen to these young girls.
On the other hand, actually some said that some of these girls are naturally skinny no matter how often they eat and they are in a very healthy condition. No one should judge a skinny girl for having anorexia while the truth is she is naturally skinny. That’s not fair. I agree to that. But still we have a normal measurement about how a 19y young girl’s waist line should look, right? If there is an anomaly like this ANTM contestant has, I think a medical action should have been taken.
But the moral side of this scandal is how ANTM should consider how their audiences will act about their statement. Young girls who really wished that they can be a model will listen to Tyra Bank’s statements and suggestions about how to be a good model. So I think she must be aware of the impact of her appraisal over that teeny tiny skinny waist girl. Though Tyra has released a statement to clarify this situation:

"As a leader in celebrating and promoting healthy body image, I must admit that I regrettably didn't see this clip before it was released to the public," she said in a statement to People magazine. "But on behalf of the Top Model team, these were not the intentions, and we truly apologise for any confusion, anger or disappointment it may have caused."
(source: abcnews.go.com)

.....but still it’s not something that you can just simply take back, dear. Once it was pronounced, people will always remember. In my opinion, it’s okay to be a model, as long as you keep your healthiness on top of your priority. A healthy body will make you look more beautiful than ever, isn't that right girls?

Image Source: http://resources3.news.com.au


  1. Girls shouldn't got trapped in skinny obsession...

  2. Agree, It's nice and fab to be a model but if you are to risk your health because of modeling career I don't think its a good idea. Their income will only be spent on medicines if they become sick because of their unhealthy practices.

  3. I agree. Self image is so crucial to our young and can be damaged by unrealistic expectations.


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