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Being In Control About Your Look

Do you know about the stories where women getting ruled by their partners concerning how they look and what kind of outfits they wear? You may find this a bit strange, but I can tell you this truly happens and can be found around you.
Women have different kind of fashion tastes, that’s for sure. Some want to look neat and formal by wearing dark color outfits or formal outfits such as blazer or pencil skirts. While some other want to look girly (no matter how old they are) and choose to use colorful dresses and fun patterns. Not to mention women who always want to look sexy and tempting by using “small size outfits”. For me, there’s nothing wrong with that. Every single woman has right to show how her feeling and decides what kind of appearance she wants to have.
But sometimes, your partner just couldn’t agree with your taste. They want you to change how you dressed according to what they considered to be the best for you. They even checked into your wardrobe and decide whether you may keep your old outfits or not. And it’s not fair. They must realize that this is the way you are when they met you. If they find you’re interesting at that time and want to have a relationship, then I can’t see any reason why they want to change you now. If you a kind of woman who loves to wear a sexy tank top and a short skirt, it’s hard to make you use a formal outfit such as a long dress in dark color.
Just remember, you have the right to decide what kind of appearance you want to have. Even if you want to have Lady Gaga’s style, I think you should go for it! Of course, having a relation ship means you also need to open your heart and mind for your partner too. If both of you can find a middle way for this issue, it would be better. But you shouldn’t feel bad about the decision you made just to make your partner happy. Otherwise, maybe you should thing about finding a right one who can accept you just the way you are, girls.

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