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How do you deal with office bullying? (2)

This is my second post about office bullying, ladies.Here we come..
If some people hate you then bully you because you are beautiful, then do not consider yourself as a victim. You are the spot light here, ladies! And they envy you for that. You don’t need to hide behind your desk and hope that nobody will look at you cynically. Look at everyone with your sweetest smile and look them in the eyes. They who really hate you will no longer consider you as a weak target since you still able to ignore all their cruel thoughts and opinions against you and able to give the smile on your face for them. But if somehow there are kind of people who don’t actually hate but a bit scared of your beauty, they can turn to be your friends at that time. They can see that you’re not a self-proud beautiful woman, but a friendly and full of smile instead. In this case, you have successfully reducing the number of your enemies and starts make friends.
As for the idea-thief, you must do something serious about this. Good idea will stabilize your position in your office as your boss might start to pay attention on how smart and creative you are. When someone intends to steal the “spot light” from you, you must fight back! There are so many ways available for you to beat these wacko idea-thieves. But the most important thing is to show them that you won’t accept any of their foul plays. Usually, there is only one leader among these idea-thieves, you only need to know and find which one of them and beat him/her down. Then the rest of their ally will start to slow down or even stop from stealing your idea.
Just in case the situation is getting worse and everything you did is useless, then you might want to find another job in different place. This is really not conducive for you to grow and develop. Find a place where you can focus all your energy and attention to work and grow. Indeed, bad people are everywhere. But there’s a big possibility that you can beat all the bully in different office better than the old one. I mean practice makes perfect right? As long as you fight back, you are not a victim of bullying. So, be brave, ladies! Fight them elegantly and you don’t have to worry about your spot light being stolen by those pathetic people.

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