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Shimmering Eye Colors For Your Party

A perfect eye color will bring an immense effect for your whole appearance. That’s why some women love to make some experiments using available colors. As you know, not every woman loves the single color that one package usually offers. You can have a new different color by mixing two or more color at once.
The most common color that woman like is dark brown, pink or peach for daily use. Unless you want to look “different” in positive way, you can use eye colors which have shimmer on it. This shimmering eye color can give you an attractive look on certain occasion, but avoid using it during work hour. Though the shimmer makes you beautiful, some consider it as unprofessional due to the shimmering part. You may want to use shimmering eye color when attending a party or night clubs. You will look absolutely stunning, of course with the right color.
And if you decide to use your eye color as the vocal point of your entire look, choose the soft color for you lipstick and blush on. Since the shimmering color has already speak up "loudly" on your behalf, adding too many additional color only makes you look almost like a clown. Just pick which part of your face that you want to make stand out. Then let the others go softer or nude.
Then, start your experiment using any colors you have on your cosmetic bag, ladies..

Image Source: onemorelipstick.com


  1. Wish I could use a make-up like that, but I am less confident :(

  2. Yeah, I like to apply my orange-shimmering eye shadow for special occasion. It gives me a different look from my daily look.

  3. It looks so good; but I've never tried this. It's too 'bright' for me...


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