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Domestic Violence Survivors

This is a continuation post about Domestic Violence topic. If you haven’t read my previous post about Signs Of Domestic Violence and Make An Escaping Plan, you can read it here and here.
After manage to escape, what are you going to do next? Some choose to just run away as far as possible such as move into a different town or country. Well, that is an option too. In this case, you don’t want any more problems and meet your abuser face to face. That’s okay but it won’t solve your problem. There’s still a possibility that he will hunt you and find you back, right?
Another option is you can sue him for what he did and put him into jail for a looong time. In order to do this, you need to provide all evidences you have about the abuses. In Oprah Winfrey show, I find out that you also need to record each date and day of the beatings by making a kind of notes or journal where you can describe the abuse in details. You also need to have pictures of any injuries or bruises you got after got beaten. The point is you must complete any evidence you have with accurate time and date. So you will be able to explain the abuse you got in the court with confidence. In this way, your abuser’s lawyer won’t find a gap to kick you back and accusing you for making all things up. This is also a right option for you if you want to win custody of your kids. If you successfully proved your abuser guilty in the court then you will win the custody.

Anyway, I collected information to make this triple articles based on various sources including magazines, books, TV show or website and this is a general information. This is not an expert opinion since obviously I’m not a Domestic Violence expert myself. But I think, as a woman, I will fully support action to spread the awareness of these domestic abusive behaviors by sharing the signs of domestic abuse itself and tell you that you are not alone there. You can always find some help you if you open yourself and seek for it and speak up instead of being silent. For further information, you still need to discuss with marriage consultants/experts for more helps...

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  1. Ur right Ris, there are ways to escape an abusive relationship and it's not right to stay when ur alredy hurt... Love is not causing somebody to have bruises...



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