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Make A Plan To Escape

This is a continuation post about Domestic Violence topic and if you need to read my previous post about Signs of Domestic Violence here. After knowing that you might be one of thousand females who got abused by their own husbands, dads or even their own kids, what will you do? One thing for sure, you must get out of this situation and find another place to protect yourself. For this, you must make plans about it first.
First, plan to escape.
Since your abuser usually makes a tight daily schedule for you, it’s not easy to go to different places to ask for help without being noticed by him. But you can’t do this escape by yourself; you are going to need help either from your friend or any other people you trust. It’s better for you to not involving too many people in this plan to keep it secret. At least you must have someone who can provide you place to hide temporarily so that your abuser won’t find you and forced you to go back home immediately. You need to hide for few moments. Find one person and tell him/her about your condition and you need help. They can also help you to make a right plan about determining the right time to escape.
Second, the budget plan.
Leaving the house means you need more money to survive. You can’t rely on your ally for this since they also have their own budget plan. So, you must start keeping your own money long before determining the escaping day. It’s not easy for you since he must have controlled every penny you have. So you must act wisely to find the best way to steal a little amount of money every time, for yourself, before giving the rest of it to him. Hide your money in places that you absolutely think he wouldn’t ever find out. Be patient on this to avoid any kind of suspicion.
Third, what will you do after managed to escape.
You can not just run away and do nothing. You need to know what you are going to do next. Are you planning to just run away as far as you can; including moving to different town or country? Or are you planning to sue him for what he’s done to you? Do you have kids with him that you need to strive for?
Let’s find out about those options in the next posts.

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  1. It's truly great guidance. Without any plan, the escaping can fail...


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