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Are You Being Domestically Abused?

Has he ever hit you before? I mean your husband or boyfriend? Domestic violence is increasing in significant numbers this year. Female who got hit or killed by her spouse, dad, or even her own kid has become popular news nowadays. You need to look around your self and your neighborhood to find out. Because according to some experts, the victims of domestic violence usually unaware of the fact they’re actually victims. Some of them have been experiencing the beatings and abuses for too many years and finally get used to it. They consider all the beatings, violence and humiliation they got as something that they deserved to have each day. Meanwhile, some other may already know that they’re victims of domestic violence but decide to stay silent and hope everything will be better after sometimes while actually thing isn’t going to be any better. But first, how to identify the situation before determining yourself as victim of domestic violence?
Below are some of the signs that you can observe on your own.
* You’ve been regularly hit for no reason; you got bruises and lots of injuries all over your body.
* He isolates you from your parents, family and friends. You can only rely on him.
* He makes daily time schedule for you everyday, so he will know exactly what kind of activities you have and where.
* He beats you if you fail to follow the time table he gave.
* He humiliates you every time he saw you and makes you sad and embarrassed.
* You can’t use a phone without him around to watch you, he controls whatever you said.
* You feel bad about yourself and have low self esteem issue.
* You aren’t allowed to keep your own money. He makes all decision about money himself, even if you are the breadwinner and he stays at home sleeping.
Actually there are so many other signs about domestic violence but if you having most of the signs above, and then there is a huge possibility that you are trapped in this domestic violence right now. Next, we will talk about what you are going to do in order to escape from this situation.

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  1. Being domestically abused is one of a woman's worst nightmares. Thank God, I haven't yet experienced this and I don't want it.

  2. Great post, I have some friends out there, who have this but they just ignore it, I wonder when would they open their eyes to see what is happening sometimes they just wanna see it.


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