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How do you deal with office bullying? (1)

This is another long post I have, so I’m going to divide it into two posts instead. In this is my first post.
Bullying is not happen among teenagers at schools only, ladies. Believe me; bullying is also happening in your office. Have you watch “Ugly Betty” the series yet? Fine, if you want to say that it was only happens on TV and those cruel people like in those series are never exist in this real world. But I believe that the script of that serial can be made after the writer saw or think about bullying at the office first.
Any female can be a Betty Suarez in their own way. You don’t have to be ugly to be like Betty. You can be pretty but you no one wants to be your friends and avoid to be somewhere around you. You can be as smart as Betty but just like her, everybody tries to bring you down. When someone in the office stole your fresh idea and claimed it to be their own in front of your boss; that could also consider to be bullying. And the worst part of this bullying stuff is that you don’t have guts to fight back or to defend yourself. That’s the main point of bullying, you just can’t fight back.
Are you a victim of bullying right now, my friend? How do you deal with it? The point is you must find your own brave which obviously deeply buried inside your heart. It may not sound that easy though, but you must try unless you want to be a victim for the rest of your time. If you are a smart person, you must also smart enough to read the situation when someone wants to bring you down and do something to prevent it. When they saw that you can actually fight back, the will reconsider every cruel plans they’ve made for your in the future. Because victims of bullying are actually never fight back for their rights in interests. You need to reverse the situation and show them that you’re not a victim.
(To be continued)

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