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Flat Shoes? No, I Prefer High Heels

I don’t like flat shoes no matter how cute they look. Though I still enjoy looking other girls wear their flat shoes in the afternoon and hang out with their friends, I never think of buying a pair for my own. I have two reasons for this. First, for me flat shoes are too girly. Most of flat shoes have bright colors or funky patterns I suppose. Even if they come in quite formal style, they always seem informal to me. Well, you don’t suppose to wear flat shoes with a gown on a party right? The second reason why I don’t like flat shoes is because I’m short. I want kind of shoes which help me gain few more inches and that will never be fulfilled by flat shoes. So, I think flat shoes will be suitable for taller girls and short girls like me (how many times do I need to rewrite that? LoL) can use the high heels instead.
That’s why I never looked into the flat shoes section every time I went into a store. I know that section wasn’t made for me. I will straightly go to the high heels section no matter what. I will never pay attention to any shoes without heels whatsoever. I only have a pair of flat strappy sandals in my drawer for daily use such as shopping for groceries or any kind of places where I can use short and shirt LoL. But when I use jeans or skirts or dresses, I will definitely go with the high heels.
My favorite style of all time is simple strappy style and I love to play with colors too. I don’t like too many accessories on my shoes such as a big bow or synthetic flowers on it. The straps or colors can make the statement for the shoes; too many accessories will ruin everything. Like this beauty on the left I saw on Bloomingdale site. Very tempting! That’s okay if I don’t feel good with the flat shoes above; I still can be friends with those tempting high heels.

Anyway, have a great weekend ladies :)

Image Source: images.bloomingdales.com; /farm4.static.flickr.com

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