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Top 2 Halloween or Fall crafts/decor/party ideas

Honestly, we don't celebrate Halloween here. It's so uncommon and not part of our culture. But I enjoy every post about Halloween I read this month. I hope I can still join this meme in a different way. This time I seek help from Google LoL and I found what I want right away. I choose the best pictures I got and put them here.

1. Keyword: pumpkin costume for lady
I saw several interesting pictures but I like this one the most. I think the main icon of Halloween in pumpkin and I pick costume which show me the "pumpkin part" instead of the orange color only. I can use one of this :)

2.Keyword: Halloween Make up for lady
Geee...I hate most every results I saw in the first page. Zombie make up is everywhere. The more I scrolled down, the pictures are even creepier. I can't go on. So I decided pick this beautiful make up instead. It's not so creepy and beautiful in odd way LoL Kind of editorial photo shoot. Love it!

Have A Great Halloween there

Image Source: atlantisfancydress.com; fullhalloween.com

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  1. If you want to use that zombie make up... and I will follow you. Yeah, we don't celebrate Halloween, but I do enjoy looking at that big pumpkins...^^


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