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Could You Defend Yourself Physically If Needed?

"Could you defend yourself (physically) if you needed to?"
This question's really ticked me off today. Why? It’s just a simple question, you might say. But strangely I found a kind of warning inside this simple question, ladies. It’s the fact that I haven’t equipped myself yet with anything that can help me defending myself physically when needed. What was I thinking?
Women will always be considered to be an easy target to criminals out there. I’m pretty sure I can’t defend myself in case a villain comes to harm me today (sigh). I don’t have the ability like those who already took self-defense class. I don’t even have pepper spray inside my purse whatsoever. Now I realize how careless and vulnerable I am.
The only reason why I don’t think much about this self-defense is because I usually go outside with my husband along this time. I don’t like to go outside by myself if it’s not urgent. And whenever I’m with him, I always feel safe and comfort. But then I realized that this couldn’t be happen forever. Sometimes I will face the reality that I must take care of something by myself when hubby’s not around. My daughter will enter her playgroup school this year, and I can't rely on my husband to pick her up to school, right? It’s going to be my duty in the next couple months. Imagine what could happen if I can protect my own self and my daughter.
I’m going to do something about this for sure. If can’t have self-defense class this time, I will at least own a spray pepper inside my purse. But where can I buy stuff like that anyway? (confuse). I can also keep an iron stick inside my car, right under the driver seat. So I’ll be able to grab it anytime I feel like I need to use it.
But the best prevention for me is to avoid going outside alone in the night, ladies. No matter how dangerous this world has been, our own house is still the safer choice compares to the wild street we saw at night. Do all your business in daytime and get yourself safe and comfortable at home after then. If you need to go outside for urgent stuff, ask (at least) a friend to accompany you. In my case, he will be my own husband.
I don’t want to be a paranoid actually, but it’s better for us women to prevent themselves from having those bad things before they happen, right? Self defense is something that women SHOULD have these days.

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