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How Much Do You Willing To Spend On Soap?

How much do you love soap, ladies? Are you willing to spend more money for this? I’m sure you love soap’s delicately fragrance and the rich and creamy foam it gave. Smelling the fragrance itself can be relaxing and pull your self confidence up. I want to share some of soap which was considered to be expensive. Their prices mostly more than $20 per bar while you actually can find the cheaper soap for $10 or even cheaper. LoL

1. Cor Soap from Plank
I read few testimonials about this $125 soap from various sources and found out that it’s still listed on controversy product. Cor soap contains collagen, Chitosan, and silk extract on it. They claimed that this soap can give you a better skin and replenished the broken cells. Though some said that this soap’s ingredients actually not as good as it sounds. Some of scientists even describe the pros and contras about the ingredients and explained how you may pay too much money for such ingredients. Well, I’ve never try this Cor Soap before. If any of you have experience with this soap, come and share it with us.

2. Creed Green Irish Tweed Wooden Shaving Bowl and Soap
This 110 gm soap priced in $75 contains honey, lanolin, sweet almond oil and beeswax which claimed to nourish your skin perfectly. It comes in wooden bowl package.

3. Confianca Apple Soap-Boxed Set-Portugal
This is a vegetable based soap priced $33 for 150grm bar. This soap is well known for its most authentic and hand made soap and have been distributed world wide.

4. Place des Lices Matin d' Ete-Cobblestone Soap in Tarltane Sachet
This beautifully packaged soap priced $26 per 200gm. They claimed that this soap produces rich and creamy foam to moisturize your skin and leave delicately fragrance on you.

5. Place des Lices Peony Soap
This beautiful soap comes in 70z round bar for $23. Not only has delightful peony scented, but it also beautifully sculpted with raised peony.

So, back to my question above, how much do you willing to spend on soap, ladies?

Image source: www.hamptonct.com; cdn.most-expensive.net

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  1. It's been so long since the last time I used soap. Now I prefer using shower cream instead of soap coz it makes foam more than soap.


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