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My Vaseline Over The Body Shop

What kind of body lotion do you wear right now, girls? Do you love it? I use two different kind of body lotion now. I hope it doesn’t sound weird to you. My favorite choice after all is always be Vaseline. That’s for sure. But I can’t deny that the fragrant becomes too familiar and too average to me after years of using. I think you must have been in the same situation with me. If you use the same certain product for years, you can find it as less interesting. However, I can’t just throw away this Vaseline body lotion and move into another brand. I only need to find something new, something more fragrant than this one. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Vaseline and I think it really works for me. I'm still going to use it for my daily care. However, it would be nice to have another body lotion which can be used as a kind of perfume at the same time for it's fragrance right? Because Vaseline can't give me the fragrant I want.
So, for the sake of searching something new, I try to use The Body Shop body lotion these past few months. I choose the Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion. I have a member card in this store which I rarely use.
I love the smell from the moment I use the product sample onto my skin. When the store assistant finally approached, she successfully persuades me to buy one. I love the fragrance and I think I can use this one alternately. I can use my Vaseline for home treatment while my Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom can be use for outside activities for its fragrance. But I must admit that I regret my decision a bit.
Turns out that The Body Shop body lotion is so sticky in my skin indeed very fragrant. It’s like wearing a fragrant paper glue. I thought it’s just for the first time applied and later it will absorb quickly. But I was wrong. The fragrance stays there for the rest of the day as well as the sticky feeling. I’m a kind of person who sweats a lots and the sticky feeling just makes everything even worse.
Now I turn back into my Vaseline body lotion and leave the Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom in my drawer. I don’t want to throw it since it’s not a cheap body lotion. I still can use it, sometimes. But now I prefer my Vaseline.
This is my personal experience, girls. No one pays me to write this. I just want to share my experience with you and find out whether you have the same problem with me. But for me The Body Shop body lotion doesn’t work. I definitely would not repurchase it ever.

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  1. I also use a vaseline lotion, the firming tone and its so nice thanks for the visit

  2. I am a big Nivea fan Ris, although I sometimes use fragrant lotion sometimes... Nivea suits well with my skin type and I have been using it for years now.


  3. I'm not too fanatic on one body lotion, I am often bored with a body lotion. Now I'm planning to replace my Sariayu body lotion with olive oil ;)

  4. I use Nivea skin firming lotion and so far it works on me. Or maybe its just a psychological thing' hahaha. I've not yet try the vaseline lotion. But I would love too if the company will sponsor. hehe

  5. My body lotion happen to be Vaseline too, the same varian with yours!

  6. i do like vaseline a lot..it seems that just vaseline suits to my skin :)


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